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Created for the sole purpose of avenging the accidental murder of the Aesir Balder, Vincent is a tough act to follow. The son of Odin, his moment of glory came at a price of innocent blood; one tragedy befell another in the final days of Ragnorak. Forever questioning his role in the world after his grim task was performed; Vali now seeks a brotherhood among his family hunting Loki.

However, unlike his brothers, who fell into music, Vali took the high road – literally. Some say he was running way as fast as his feet – and the wheels that came after – could take him, while others say he was just racing to stars to find some fleeting trace of his bygone.Whatever the reason was, Vincent Vali has been literally the driving force behind Man's progress for the last thousand years.

Sometime during his races, Vincent Vali met others like him yet not. Though placed in godhood, they came from other places and other pantheons. One of them was named Mr. Coyote, and two soon realized they shared a common enemy in the form of Loki. But when his brother and cousins called to form the session men, Vincent had little choice to follow them.

Now, Loki is getting stronger than ever, and has even managed to lure Death to his side. He now holds all the cards while Coyote is looking more and more desperate with every hand. Could this later turn of Tarot cards hold the key to his success?

Vincent Vali hopes so, but he'll be there – one way or another – when Loki goes down.

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