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Samuel Huckster

/ The Highwayman /

Samuel’s dad was into races the big way – by way of winning them. But unlike all the rest, Samuel’s dad never crossed the finished line. Instead, his father caused every pit problem, race car crash and crew strike that happened between the pistol shot and checkered flag.

Through good networking, elbow grease, bribery and some minor blackmail here and there, there wasn’t wrench drop that Tom Huckster didn’t know about – or have a hand in. No one got hurt, though, and the money Huckster received from race bets was more than enough to put his son Samuel through college.

A couple years past, though, and Samuel wasn’t finishing college. He was eyeing the race track – but he wasn’t interested in hustling and hedging bets – Samuel had his eye on the finish line. Through Tom’s racing connections, Samuel entered the track – and crossed the finish line plenty of times over to turn out an up-and-coming golden boy on the track. But his racing career was short-lived when his dad abruptly died of illness. Having simply wanted to go to the one place his father had never been – the finish line – Samuel’s wind quickly escaped his sails. As his placing plummeted, Samuel Huckster was reduced to an obscure, underrated has-been.

A year later, joy filled Samuel’s empty heart when he married Amber – a strong and patient woman who weathered a storm of her own during Samuel’s racing obsession. Samuel finally finished college and settled down with Amber, taking a job as an insurance agent. Everything seemed to fall into place – until an old friend of Tom’s by the name of Mr. Coyote re-entered Samuel’s life. Soon, Samuel was launched into a cross-country trek with old friends and old rivals – further sending his relationship with Amber spinning out of control. Amber and Samuel have been down some rocky roads before – but never like this, where the stakes are high and possibility of crashing along the way all about assured.

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