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Mr. Coyote – first name unknown – has been around longer than anyone can remember. Many sports historians cite his presence at some of the pioneering matches of race car driving history. However, even the oldest surviving veterans of those races freely admit knowing Mr. Coyote when they were kids. Virtually every historian will dispute this point; as such a man would be easily over a century and a half old. After all, no one can be that old and still walking around, right? When asked this question, even the most senior member of the inner racing circle will turn away gray and silent.

Whoever he is – be it an individual of surprising if not mythic longevity or merely some kind of descendant – his impact on the sport remains profound. He has begun racing careers with just whisper to the ear and sent them spiraling out of control with a turn of his head. While numerous attempts have been made to connect his dealings and favors to the rise and falls of legends, federal and freelance investigators have all come up short.

Many attribute Tom Huckster to being the closest thing to a pupil Mr. Coyote ever had, and some more bold voices have even declared Tom to be Mr. Coyote’s own son by race track adoption. Whatever Tom’s relation to Mr. Coyote – as partner, pupil or foster child – their connection crumbled when Samuel Huckster decided to take up the wheel. They never spoke again, and the last time Mr. Coyote saw Tom was at the latter’s funeral.

Mr. Coyote has since had a vested interest in Samuel’s future. He was extremely upset by Samuel’s decision to leave the racing world and tried to talk Samuel out of it several times. Mr. Coyote and Amber have a vinegary relationship at best. Amber has claimed that Mr. Coyote has introduced women in Samuel’s life with the expressed purpose of breaking them up. Though Samuel remains faithful as ever to Amber, he has casually dismissed her suspicions as simple paranoia. What Samuel doesn’t know is how right Amber is on Coyote, on the women, and on everything.

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