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When most gods fell in Ragnorak, Vidar triumphed, driving his big boot into the jaws of a world-eating wolf and avenging his father Odin's death. For all of lore and legend, Vidar had been silent, and the surviving trickster Loki expected the same throughout history.

He was wrong.

After continuously dodging Loki's agents for centuries to come, the mute god took an unforeseeable role which would all but guarantee his invisibility: as a back-up singer in a rock band!

Though Vidar had never spoken, it would be wrong to assume he had never sung. Music was sewn into the world the Aesir gods forged, and Vidar was no different.

But though he was the front man to the session men, he is role within the group backstage was not only outspoken but unspoken as well – as Vidar has kept to his vow of silence of old. Band groupies and techies alike view his ever-quiet demeanor as prima donna pride, though his own legendary mystique has stole plenty of women away from the very rock idol bands he backs-up, leading to many lost gigs and burned egos.

Silent and observant off-stage, he is often the background players of background players – an ironic role for the lead singer of the band. But only the foolish and the suicidal should ever mistake this silence for tepidness. And though hardened by battles in Asgard, Vidar can't help to hope Loki is both should he ever make such an assumption.

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