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A one-man band himself, John Modi is the most nomadic of the session men. A traveling minstrel, his lyrics and lyre are sung and played throughout Creation, yet he is no more recognizable than the squatter who sings for his supper.

Modi's spirit is a rebellious one, and his Catholic upbringing often clashes with a van full of Norse gods not known for their tidiness or manners. His older half-brother Gary Magni occasionally keeps him in line with by calling down his own father's lightning, but family affairs only go so far with this wild one, as Modi hides a hidden agenda.

Of all the session men, he is the one unable – or unwilling – to kill Loki, at least immediately. For John Modi has been searching for his mother his whole life, and has no intention of letting the one person who might know the truth of her identity bite it at the hands of a crowd of angry Aesir – at least, not until after Loki tells John Modi what he wants to hear.

But John Modi is no fool. He knows Loki is about a truthful as a politician before Election Day, and for this reason he constantly broods about finding the truth about his mother without compromising the only family he's ever known. As he broods, he bottles the emotion into a thunder which could break the circle if ever let out. But where there is thunder, there is also lightning in this bottle.



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