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The outspoken leader of the mysterious musicians out to tie up Ragnorak's one loose end, Gary Magni is more than just the drummer – he's also the wind beneath the sails of plenty of ships which has sailed to the top of the charts. From Bob Dylan through one of the Beatles, Gary's session man presence underlies the same quiet and ferocious power on the drums as an unexpected storm.

But unexpected storms are part of Gary Magni's life. He's lost most of his family to a meaningless sacrifice. His only companions are more drifters than family and more warriors than friends. But stubbornness and resolution go hand and hand when your father was a hammer-wielding thunder god named Thor.

Tempering his legacy with the bullish insistence known only to older siblings, Gary leads the group from the back of the stage and the bottom of the set.

His flamboyant performance and outlandish on-screen identity is matched with an experience which keeps him and band blurred into the background and off the radar until its too late for most foes.

Still, Magni's charge isn't always unthreatened and unchallenged. Sharing the literal lightning of their father with brother John Modi has lead to several on-stage tantrums and off-screen blows. Though the arguments are softened by beers and almost rock star level indulgence, they remain in an ugly gash in the band's mission – leaving an equally ugly hypothetical: If they don't settle the score with their father's most persistent foe, they'll undoubtedly kill one another.

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