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Gail Palmer’s good looks could have gotten her plenty in life, but she didn’t take any of it. Still, while getting there on her own may have toughened her spirits and sharpened her skills, Gail has yet to develop that thick skin - if only because, as the media jokes, it might ruin her good looks.

No sooner did Gail enter the racing scene than was she promptly driven out by fan outrages and media assertions that she was little more than a pretty face there to boast the race’s flagging TV ratings.Her reputation launched into a tailspin, Gail turned her attention to the only place she knew her credit was good: the streets.

Though Gail has more or less managed to finish every race with her pride and car still intact, she’s always on the run from a shadow dogging just behind her rear view mirror – the disapproving Bobby Weaver. Gail suspects Bobby Weaver’s behind-the-scenes contacts were the reason she was booted from the big leagues, just as Weaver suspects Gail Palmer’s racing presence in the street games is leading to an indefinite boost in their increased participation around the country.

And Mr. Coyote, well, he just likes trouble. As per usual, he holds all the cards in this case, just like all cases, as he holds the fate of this father and this daughter in his hands.

Not that Gail or Bobby has any inkling of this information at all.


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