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Donald Ames

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Donald Ames is a racer who broke his own victory record as owner of the best team on the block. Don liked the view from the top – maybe a little bit too much – but no matter how hard he tries, Ames just can’t reproduce the success of that first victory lap. Many people attribute Ames’ solid win-after-win record to his Odd Couple relationship with former team member Dave Ravine.


Though Ames has beaten Ravine at the stock trade as well as in the board room, he remains unsatisfied with his victory over his ex-partner. Donald attempted to infiltrate the underground circles of illegal street racing, but many people were suspicious of his old age as well as his unfair advantage in terms of sheer experience.

Everything changed when Donald finally found a sponsor – a man known only as Mr. Coyote – who agreed to lend him a black car with tinted windows and sufficient credentials to race in back alley streets across the nation. This seemingly ordinary Sedan has left the competition in pieces – literally – and though there have been no official fatalities (odd for the nearly 100 percent accident-to-race ratio), there are plenty of broken collarbones to go around.

While Ames leaves his rivals in the dust, his colleagues hear about the so-called Black Flag’s impressive driving record, each one sensing Mr. Coyote’s always extra-coincidental scent in the events.

As the racers pursue the Black Flag for answers – completely ignorant Ames is the one behind the wheel – Mr. Coyote is free to line up the rest of his agenda without interruption.

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