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Dan Trinket

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On the day he ran out of room for all the lucky charms he kept in his cockpit, Dan Trinket did what no other racer would have even considered – he walked away. The vast community of racers understood, clinging still to superstitions to shield themselves from loss or injury. But to the rest of the world, he was just a kook.

Say what you will about his quirks, but Dan Trinket hasn’t had so much as a fender-bender or speeding ticket since the day he left, though he did have to “upgrade” to a school bus to fit all of his charms and keepsakes.

Unlike all the other racers, Dan’s actually quite content with his day job. He has a “been there, done that” attitude as far as his past is concerned. He is, however, fiercely protective of the children transports to school every morning, making him an easy fit with Bobby Weaver. The racing instructor recruits him to tail a mysterious black car in a series of underground races.

Provided with a barely-legal street car compliments of Bobby, Dan Trinket added some additions of his own – just about every good luck charm, chant and ward that could be packed into the backseat, dashboard or trunk of his street-turned-stock car.

His superstitions intact, Dan Trinket drives off, in search of the jet black car that has caused misfortune and injury to everyone who has crossed its path. A car driven by . . .


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